Have you experienced transphobia at Carleton? Transphobia can take many forms, and can occur via person-to-person interactions or through administrative process containing incorrect or out-of-date information. I could look like picking up a marked assignment listing your legal name instead of your chosen name, a professor or supervisor refusing to use your pronouns, or being told you are using the wrong bathroom.

Regardless of where or how it happens, misgendering, deadnaming, and other transphobia is not acceptable. This form is designed for all members of the Carleton community – students, faculty, and staff – to report incidents of transphobia that they have either experienced personally or witnessed happen to someone else.

Responses to this form go directly to EIC staff, who will remove any identifying information before triaging responses as appropriate. Issues with administrative systems like cuLearn or Carleton’s email system will be communicated to ITS so that they can be fixed as soon as possible. Reports will also be used to identify trends that need to be addressed across campus. All responses are completely anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself, in which case all personal information will be removed before the triage process is completed.

This form is designed for anonymous reports. If you need individual support, or if you wish to file a human rights complaint through the Department of Equity & Inclusive Communities, please contact us.

Report misgendering, deadnaming, or other transphobia

Submissions from this form are sent directly to Keegan Prempeh, the Trans & Non-Binary Inclusion Coordinator, and then triaged as necessary to the appropriate university department. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact them at keegan.prempeh@carleton.ca.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    When did this incident occur?
  • Where did this incident happen (i.e. in a class, via email, in a university office)?
    Please choose the option that best describes this incident. "Administrative" refers to any misgendering or deadnaming caused by university systems and processes. For example, this could mean an automated email, or via a class list in cuLearn.
  • Please describe what happened in as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. If you share the names of specific faculty, departments, or university staff members, know that the contents of this form will not be shared with that individual or department.
    Please select all that apply. This is an optional question - the answer will help us better understand the context of the incident.
  • OPTIONAL: If you would like individual support from a member of Equity & Inclusive Communities staff, please give us your email and we will be in contact soon. Please know that your email will be separated from the other information contained in this form.