Trans Inclusive Fitness

The Carleton Fitness Centre has recently introduced two fitness spaces for specific communities: A Trans and Allies Only Fitness Space (three times a week in the Personal Training Studio), and a Women’s Only Fitness Space (four times a week in the Fitness Centre). Click here to register for either of these offerings, or see below for more information. In support of these new offerings, EIC facilitated Carleton Safer Spaces Training (CUSSP) with Fitness Centre staff in February of 2022, with a plan to offer this training to all staff within Athletics over the course of the summer and the coming academic year.

Click here to read about how student activism made these offerings possible. 

Carleton policy: Trans Inclusion in Athletics

Carleton Athletics has worked with the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC) to create a policy that insures transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse members of the Carleton Community feel supported and included when accessing athletics programming. Click here to read the policy.

Additionally, Carleton’s varsity athletics program follows the U SPORTS policy on trans inclusion, which states the following (source):

  • Student-athletes may compete on the sport team that corresponds with either their sex assigned at birth or their gender identity, provided that at all times student-athletes are in compliance with the Canadian Anti-Doping Program
  • Student-athletes may only compete on sport teams of one gender during a given Academic Year