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NEW: DPE will be an online program in Fall 2016!

Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation (DPE)

Do you know whether your organization is getting the results it expects? Can you demonstrate your effectiveness to others? Is there a better way to do things? Whether you work in the public, private or nonprofit sector, in Canada or internationally, the pressures to evaluate effectiveness have never been greater. And, so is the need for evaluators — in governments, international development agencies, consulting firms, business, and non-profits.

At the same time, the field of evaluation is becoming more complex. Can you meet the requirements of a professional designation as an evaluator? Now is your opportunity to become more than an ‘accidental’ evaluator by taking the online graduate diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation (DPE) from Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration. The accredited DPE provides advanced knowledge and skills in both the method and management of evaluation.

The place to learn the method and management of evaluation

The School’s faculty think, work, and teach in a global way. They have outstanding research reputations in Canada and abroad, and collaborate with academics, practitioners, governments and universities in the United States, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. They will connect you to big ideas and real practice. Carleton’s DPE will also connect you to a global network of professionals interested in evaluation through the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET). Every summer, 200 professionals from approximately 60 countries come to Carleton to study evaluation at IPDET, which is offered jointly with the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank.

The value of a graduate credential in evaluation

Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration has been an international leader in providing rigorous, innovative, multidisciplinary graduate education for more than 60 years. With a worldwide network of alumni, our graduates are influential in the Government of Canada and occupy senior positions in many other jurisdictions and in the private and non-profit sectors.

Carleton’s online DPE prepares students to work toward what is quickly becoming the professionalization of the field, both domestically and internationally, by supporting learning toward the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) evaluator credential. The DPE builds the competencies necessary to become a professional evaluator. In that respect, you will learn not only evaluations methods, but how to manage the evaluation process. You will better understand where evaluation fits in the broader contexts of public policy, strategic management, learning and accountability, and you will appreciate how to make more effective use of evaluation.

Online and Real-Time Learning

The six-course online graduate diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation can be completed in 15 months while working full time: students normally start in the fall and conclude the following fall. Courses take advantage of online learning tools, and provide frequent opportunities for real-time interaction.

Admission is very selective and students go through the program as a cohort with other professionals with shared interests. The class sizes are small, providing students with extensive opportunity for discussion and debate, and access to instructors.

The DPE comprises six required online courses:

  • An Introduction to Policy and Program Evaluation
  • Quantitative Research Designs in Evaluation
  • Qualitative Research Designs in Evaluation
  • Cost-Benefit and Value-for-Money Analysis
  • Two-course practicum where students evaluate a real-life program

Tuition Fees

Please visit Student Accounts for current fees.

Admission Requirements

Students enter the program from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with an average of B+ or better. The School also considers mid-career applicants who do not have undergraduate degrees, but who have demonstrated significant and relevant professional experience.

Your application should include:

  • One copy of all transcripts (uploaded)
  • Two Reference Forms for Admission to Graduate Studies
  • Résumé or general biographical information
  • One writing sample (recent essay or report where applicant is clearly the author)
  • Statement of Intent (1-2 page letter indicating why the applicant wishes to apply to the program)
  • Record of Landing documentation (if applicable)

Applications and Deadlines

Applications are completed online and supporting documents will be uploaded by July 1.  Please visit Graduate Studies Application for Admission to complete the application.

Contact us

If you have additional questions about the program, or need more information, please contact the Graduate Administrator.