Mahmoud Rahim, DPPE

Mahmoud Rahim, DPPE

I come from Toronto and grew up in Halifax. I spent most of my young adult life in Calgary. While living in Calgary I obtained my BSc in electrical engineering from the University of Calgary and a BA in political science from the University of British Columbia. I also have a master’s degree in public administration from Queen’s University. I now study at Carleton University in the graduate diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation

Apart from school, I work with an Interprofessional Resource Team at a hospital in Toronto where I try my absolute best to ensure that every ward, ICU and operating room is fully staffed for the days and weeks ahead. I also work in the Medical-Surgical ICU at another hospital in the GTA where I work to ensure that all of the administrative and organizational needs of the unit are met. Apart from that, I write health policy articles that inform Canadians of the intricacies of our health care systems and advocate for health care reform in Canada. I find myself in these roles because my passion is public administration and public health policy.

It is because of these passions that I found myself in Carleton’s SPPA. Carleton University came highly recommended to me by close people who work in public policy and the public sector. The university’s proximity to our federal institutions means that opportunities to work in public policy are abundant and achievable. Another draw is the flexibility of the program concerning time commitments, the online format of the program, as well as the affordable tuition fees.

Out of everything I have experienced thus far I recommend you plan, plan, plan! Planning, either short-term or long-term, will go a long way in making your academic, personal and professional life better. I know it seems like a grown-up mom or dad thing to say, but a little bit of planning will go a long way.

Overall, this program has shown me a lot and many things took me by surprise like the level of passion and engagement of my professors. Most people would assume that was a given, but I was amazed at how professors and students in the SPPA are so engaged in each lecture and have a drive for their work. I hope this advice and insight will help you in your graduate studies.