Update November 19, 2015!  The Skirts Indigogo funding campaign video has been launched.  Check out the video and click here to learn about the perks of donating to the campaign.

SKIRTS! The documentary, currently in production, tells the story of ten Canadian women who have been making significant contributions to the field of Social Finance. One of the women featured is our very own 3ci Director, Dr. Tessa Hebb. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with the producer Tina Crouse, regarding Tessa’s story:

Tessa Hebb is a professor at Carleton University and Canada’s leading academic in impact investing. Just 20 years ago there were no words for what she does today. She studied and did post-graduate degrees in a world that has so radically changed that it took tremendous vision, commitment and enthusiasm to stay in the field of social finance, research it, develop it and promote it. She had to have the insight to see its potential so that she would devote her life to it and teach it to others who are now some of our best people in social finance. Tessa has worked to convince people to invest millions and millions of dollars to benefit society. Millions!

To read the full interview, click here.