CIIX to pilot in three communities in Ontario

Following our successful symposium in November, 2014, the Canadian Impact Infrastructure Exchange (CIIX) launched a pilot program in three Ontario communities in 2015 that analyzed three real world water infrastructure projects (water supply/storm water management/wastewater) in Ontario and performed a comprehensive sustainability analysis of the proposed infrastructure plan (or design, depending on project stage) ensuring high ESG standards.  It bundled the three small projects into an investment ready opportunity to engage responsible investors in this opportunity. It tested this approach to creating high ESG standards in an infrastructure portfolio for responsible investors. To read more about this initiative, and about CIIX in general, please visit the CIIX page.

Dr. Tessa Hebb Featured on Les Experts de l’Investissement Responsable Vous Répondent

Institutional Investors’ Corporate Engagement and Responsible Investing

This initiative engaged stakeholders on institutional investors’ corporate engagement and responsible investing polices and practices. The initiative was funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Science and Humanities Research Council and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Tessa Hebb led the team of researchers on this initiative.


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