Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with The Campfire Project.

Launching in late 2016, 3ci’s Campfire Project will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with an online, interactive, user-generated platform where Canadians will share stories about their hopes for the future of Canada. As a research project, Campfire aims to increase understanding of how digital storytelling and social media can stimulate civic participation and social change by building a virtual community where citizens are empowered to engage and re-engage with each other through stories.

Share your stories, ideas, songs, tweets, images and videos to help create a new vision for  Canada’s future.

A series of public “campfires” hosted in communities across the country in 2017 will tailor a new national vision into road maps for community-led projects that will further ignite civic participation.


To find out more about the project, visit: www.campfireproject.ca .

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The Campfire project is looking for two new team members. Read more about the job details for the Digital Strategy Manager and Communications and Engagement Manager by clicking here.