What does being “treaty people” mean for all of us living in Canada today? This question is critical now more than ever, given the violent and racist response of some commercial fishermen and their supporters in Nova Scotia to the launch of a ‘moderate livelihood’ lobster fishery by Sipekne’katik First Nation, and the limited intervention by the RCMP to date.  In this episode, recorded just days before the moderate livelihood fishery was launched, 3ci co-director Prof. Peter Andree speak with Dr. Sherry Pictou of nearby L’sitkuk First Nation and Dr. Martha Stiegman about two documentary films they created together: In Defense of  our Treaties, and We Story the Land. Through the conversation, we learn how the Mi’kmaq have worked to maintain treaty rights over their land and fisheries in the face of colonialism, neoliberalism, and what Sherry terms the “recolonization” of her people in the wake of Supreme Court of Canada decisions that affirm Indigenous rights. Sherry and Martha’s work together bears witness to the resistance, and the cultural resurgence, that figure centrally in this work.