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How do you negotiate research projects with community partners? How do you realize and measure impacts that are meaningful to partners and to academia? How does working with community impact student learning, life and future goals?

Join seminar host, 3ci Director Peter Andrée as he moderates this short seminar featuring 3ci Research Fellow and Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton, Patricia Ballamingie, Professor Kate Ruff, Lead of the Common Approach Project and Graduate Research Assistant for the Rebuilding First Nations Governance Project, Amsey Maracle.

Speakers will share their joys and challenges as it relates to community based research. We welcome participants in the seminar to share their views on these questions too!

Join the discussion on January 26, 2022, from 1pm – 2pm as the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation (3ci) hosts its 1st CBR Seminar for 2022.

For more details and to register, please see here