3ci’s Rebuilding First Nations Governance Project, with partners the Centre for First Nations Governance and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) announces the launch of their first webinar series.

This series of five one-hour webinars in 2021 is open to anyone interested in the subject and will explore the themes behind Rebuilding First Nations Governance (RFNG), featuring our partner communities and scholars in the discussions.

1.     March 3, 2021: “A dream of our people for going on eight generations” 

What is Rebuilding First Nations Governance all about? Research project co-leads Satsan (Herb George) and Dr. Frances Abele will introduce the scope, structure and purpose of this SSHRC-funded project to support First Nations to achieve self-government and talk with First Nations partners about why being involved in this project is important to them.

Guests:  Satsan, Dr. Frances Abele, Tribal Chief Edmund Bellegarde, File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, and Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w First Nation Councillor Midori Nicolson.

To register, please click this link.

Upcoming webinars are listed below.  Links to register will be provided closer to the date.

2.     April 28, 2021  The five pillars of the Inherent Right to Self-Government

Prior to contact we were organized as sovereign nations. Explore how the People, the Land, Laws and Jurisdiction, Governance and Resources are all essential to the full exercise of the Inherent Right.  How were these rights exercised before contact? How can we use our languages, history and spirituality as a basis on which to build modern day systems of government?

3.     June 23, 2021   The “ill-fitting boot” – the origin and content of the Indian Act 

What impact has settlement, colonization, Confederation, and the Indian Act had on our Inherent Right to Self-Government?This session will explore the history and continued grip of the Indian Act on First Nations ability to determine their own futures and enjoy the quality of life available to other Canadians.

4.     September 22, 2021.  It’s A “Full Box”. The Historical Struggle For Recognition of Aboriginal And Treaty Rights

In this session we discuss an historical and legal overview of Aboriginal and treaty rights and the expansion and definition of Section 35 in Canada’s Constitution Act and how this provides a strong legal basis for the exercise of self-government and a nation-to-nation relationship.

5.     November 17, 2021. From theory to practice: Principles and Strategies for Implementing the Inherent Right to Self-government

An introduction and review of ten specific strategies for implementing Aboriginal and treaty rights, including self-governance including a discussion with leaders whose communities have begun the journey from Indian Act Administration to the Inherent Right.