A Beginner’s Guide to Measuring Social Value
Tessa Hebb and Babita Bhatt

Meaningful Business: Understanding Social Entrepreneurs
RBC Social Finance White Paper

Financing Social Good: A Primer on Impact Investing in Canada
RBC Social Finance White Paper

Partnerships between not-for-profit organizations and business: Challenges and opportunities
Tessa Hebb and Roopal Thaker

Socially Responsible Investing in the 21st Century: Does it make a difference to society?
Celine Louche and Tessa Hebb

State of the Nation: Impact Investing in Canada
Purpose Capital and the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Measuring Social Value: A Social Metrics Primer
Babita Bhatt and Tessa Hebb, with the assistance of Lesley MacKinnon

An examination of the tension between business and mission among social enterprises
B. Fritsch, R. Rossi, and T. Hebb

Exploring Consumer’s Needs and Motivations in Online Social Lending for Development
R. Mittelman and J.I. Rojas-Mendez

Special Issue of Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment on Impact Investing, released in 2013 featuring articles:

“Impact Investing and Responsible Investing: What does it mean?”
Tessa Hebb, editor

“Institutional Impact Investing: Practice and Policy”
David Wood, Ben Thornley and Katie Grace

“Interrogating the Theory of Change: Evaluating Impact Investing Where It Matters Most”
Edward T. Jackson

“Impact Investing: a preliminary analysis of emergent primary and secondary exchange platforms”
Marguerite Mendell and Erica Barbosa

“Lessons In Operationalizing Social Finance: The Case Of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union”
Sean Geobey and Olaf Weber

“Meeting the challenge of impact investing: How can contracting practices secure social impact without sacrificing performance?”
Madeleine Evans

“Enabling Social Enterprise Through Regulatory Innovation: A Case Study From The United Kingdom”
Nicholas E. Florek

Accounting for Social Value – New Publication

University of Toronto Press has just published Laurie Mook’s edited book, Accounting for Social Value, which explores social accounting strategies, tools and lessons through case studies of social economy organizations in several provinces across Canada and in India, Scotland and the United States.  The book includes a chapter by Ted Jackson and Michele Tarsilla on their evaluation of the Alterna Savings and Credit Union Micro-Loan Program, which was conducted under the auspices of 3ci in 2009.  A follow up study on the loan portfolio was conducted for 3ci by Professor Jackson and Carleton graduate student Chinyere Amadi in 2012.  Click here for more information on Accounting for Social Value.

Douglas Pawson receives first Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in Impact Investing & Policy Innovation

SPPA PhD student Douglas Pawson has been awarded the first Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in Impact Investing & Policy Innovation by the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative (IIPC). Doug’s fellowship will be hosted at 3ci and, working also with the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, will examine the potential of equity-tax credits in Canada.

3ci Working Papers on Impact Investing/ Social Finance

WP 12-02 “The Utilization of Social Finance Instruments by the Not-For-Profit Sector” by Tessa Hebb

WP 11-03 “Social Impact Bonds in Canada: From Theory to Implementation” by Arjun Langford

WP 11-02 “Report on Social Metrics: Key Informant Interviews” by Tessa Hebb

WP 10-04 “Impact Investing for Social Finance: Updated Paper” by Karim Harji and Tessa Hebb

WP 09-04 “The Quest for Blended Value Returns: Investor Perspectives on Social Finance in Canada” by Tessa Hebb and Karim Harji

R 11-02 “Evaluating the Social Impact of the Causeway Work Centre’s Social Enterprises” By Arjun Langford

R 11-01 “What does it Mean to Start a Social Enterprise?” By Sean McKinnon, with assistance from Ursula Adamik, Michelle Guevara, and Heather Wood

R 10-03 “The Role of Institutional Investors in Social Finance” By Tessa Hebb

R 10-02 “Evaluating the Social Impact of the OCLF/Alterna Community Micro Loan Program 2009-2010 Survey: findings, comparison and analysis” by Arjun Langford

R 10-01 Social “SPEN Toronto – Social Purpose Enterprise in the GTA 2010 Survey: findings, comparisons and analysis” by Arjun Langford