A Beginner’s Guide to Measuring Social Value

Measuring social value can be a daunting task, but Tessa Hebb and Babita Bhatt have broken it down into certain common steps that should be followed to reach a basic level of impact measurement, which can then be expanded upon. In addition, “A Beginner’s Guide to Measuring Social Value” offers an overview of two of the more recognized frameworks for valuing social impact.

Meaningful Business: Understanding Social Entrepreneurs

Find out what makes social entrepreneurs tick and how impact investing can solve social and environmental challenges by reading RBC’s Social Finance White Paper.

Financing Social Good: A Primer on Impact Investing in Canada

What’s the latest in social finance? Check out RBC’s primer on impact investing in Canada to find out.

“Partnerships between not-for-profit organizations and business: Challenges and opportunities”

3ci Director Tessa Hebb and Research Associate Roopal Thaker have just released a detailed report on how not-for-profit organizations view their partnerships with business.  Drawing on extensive interviews with not-for-profit organizations, this report was commissioned by ESDC, Government of Canada and explores both the challenges and opportunities these partnerships offer. Read the full report here.

“Socially Responsible Investing in the 21st Century: Does it make a difference to society”

Celine Louche and Tessa Hebb bring together SRI experts from around the world including Ben Richardson, Steve Lydenberg, Harry Hummels to ask about SRI in the 21st century. The first part of this book explores the innovative approach of socially responsible investors in building engagement approaches, mobilizing networks, developing new products, and proposing alternative models showing the potential to create change. The second part interrogates the limits of SRI in making a difference. Find more information here.

“State of the Nation: Impact Investing Report”

The State of the Nation report on impact investing in Canada, jointly authored by Purpose Capital and the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, was released March 27, 2014 at Impact Ontario.  Check out the Executive Summary and Full Report.

“Measuring Social Value: A Social Metrics Primer”

Babita Bhatt and Dr. Tessa Hebb, with the assistance of Lesley MacKinnon, have prepared a Social Metrics Primer to measure social value. The primer guides readers through the process of measuring social outputs and valuing social outcomes in both qualitative and quantitative ways.  The primer is accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to complete the exercises. Please click here to access the primer and here to access the accompanying spreadsheet.

“An examination of the tension between business and mission among social enterprises”

In this paper, Brittany Fritsch, Becky Rossi, and Tessa Hebb look at the use of business within non-profits and possible impact on “mission drift.” Using Resource Dependence Theory (RDT), they argue that Social Enterprises are prone to mission drift due to the complexity of the environment within which they operate and that mission drift is less likely to occur provided the stated mission reflects the primary resources of the organization.

“Exploring Consumer’s Needs and Motivations in Online Social Lending for Development”

This study explores the needs and motivations of those who participate in the social phenomenon of Online Social Lending for Development (OSL4D) – a new form of charity support behavior that has raised numerous important theoretical issues about the evolving nature of charitable giving and the motivation of its participants. Using data from, the authors consider the different theoretical needs and motivations to participate in social lending and conclude that OSL4D consumers are principally intrinsically motivated to make a small difference in the lives of the working poor.

“What does it Mean to Start a Social Enterprise”

3ci Researcher Sean MacKinnon, with the assistance of Urszula Adamik, Michelle Guevara and Heather Wood, have prepared a primer intended to provide insight and a brief introduction for organizations looking towards the possibility of starting a social enterprise. Please click here to access the primer.

Report on Social Metrics

Dr. Tessa Hebb’s research study provides further insight into the use of social metrics in Canada and the ways in which the social metrics field can be further advanced in Canada. Please click here to access the report.

New Report on ‘The Role of Institutional Investors in Social Finance’ presented by Tessa Hebb to the 2010 Task Force on Social Finance.  

This policy brief focuses on Canadian pension funds as a source of potential capital in for Canadian communities.  It examines how other jurisdictions have approached this issue and looks for possible policy options that will encourage such investment.

The Role of Institutional Investors in Social Finance