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Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector 
Governance & Management Course (PADM5423)

PADM 5423 – Summer Course Year 2012

Please note the Professional Development component will not be offered this year, however, interested individuals may wish to look into the option of auditing the course (non-credit).

For further information on course auditing please contact the School of Public Policy and Administration / Meghan Innes (Administrator)

This course has been offered yearly since 2007 and has been well attended by those in the non-profit/voluntary sector.  It appeals to a broad range of participants interested in the sector including:

  • Managers and practitioners in non-profit/voluntary organizations
  • Members of non-profit boards and committees
  • Policy-makers, funders, and regulators
  • Community Investment professionals
  • Consultants, researchers, and allied professionals
  • Graduate level students.


This course explores key issues facing non-profit/voluntary organizations and examines their evolving relationships with governments in Canada and globally.

The objectives are:

  • To develop a deeper understanding of the non-profit/voluntary sector in the context of contemporary governance; and
  • To critically assess the kinds of public policies and management practices that would enable the sector to be stronger and more effective and would promote social innovation.

For more the course information outline for the course held in June, 2011, please click here.

The Charities File

3ci’s Non-Profit & Philanthropic Management stream administers “The Charities File,” a project funded by the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Partnership and Outreach Program. The Centre is working in close collaboration with the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks (CFVSN) and other voluntary and non-profit sector organizations to plan, deliver, and evaluate a series of webinars and in-person training sessions and across Canada. The purpose of the sessions is to help educate, inform and raise the awareness of registered charities on their legal obligations under the Income Tax Act and its regulations. On-line learning tools and tele-learning sessions also supplement the training.

For information about the training sessions, on-line tools and other resources, visit the The Charities File web site.
Subscribe to the free Charities – What’s New electronic mailing list. Subscribers are automatically notified by email of the latest information available for charities such as Roadshows, Webinars, Newsletters, Policies, etc.

Student Exchange Program

The Non-Profit and Philanthropic stream (formerly The Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development) at Carleton University has been the lead Canadian partner managing civil society exchange programs since 2002. We are grateful for the wonderful support of the funding agency Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) through the International Academic Mobility Initiative.

Please click here for information on the program, application and contact information.

A Critical Conversation – Working through the Economic Crisis: The Future of Canada’s Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector – January 30, 2009

As the economic crisis unfolds, the nonprofit and voluntary sector is facing an extraordinarily difficult time as both philanthropic and public funding have dropped dramatically while demands for services increase. The roots and nature of the financial crisis may also lead to major shifts of the Canadian public about sense of community responsibility and service.

A “Critical Conversation” discussing this key issue was held on January 30th 2009 at Carleton University bringing together leaders in the nonprofit/voluntary sector, business as well as policy makers to discuss the implications of the financial crises on the nonprofit/voluntary sector and potential strategies and policies to deal with it.

Figuring out how to respond effectively cannot be done by the public, private or nonprofit/voluntary sector alone: it will take a deeper understanding across sectors and undoubtedly coordinated and concurrent efforts. Our goal of this “Critical Conversation” was to bring together key players to discuss and strategize on this crucial issue.

This Critical Conversation was hosted by the School of Public Policy and Administration of Carleton University (led by the Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development) and in collaboration with the Wellesley Institute.

  • Biographies of Speakers: A Critical Conversation – Working through the Economic Crisis (PDF, 227 Kb)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Panel #1 Context – What is the Situation?

Panel #2 Impact on the Sector

Panel #3 Policy Responses and Strategies