Table of Contents – Volume 7

Front Matter (Editorial Board, Table of Contents, Contributors)

Incorporeal Words: The Tragic Passing of Pius Adesanmi
Blair Rutherford

Editors’ Notes: Elections and Electoral Politics in Africa: Movements Forward, Backwards or Nowhere?
Toby Leon Moorsom, Wangui Kimari, Christooher Webb

Entrenched Dictatorship: The Politics of Rigged Elections in Rwanda since 1994
Susan Thomson with Madeline Hopper

Electoral Democracy and the Attenuation of Subaltern Resistance in Ghana: Why Democracy is increasingly
becoming a Poisoned Chalice in Africa
Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno

Voting without Choosing? Ethnic Voting Behaviour and Voting Patterns in Nigeria’s 2015 Presidential Election and
Implications for Institutionalisation of Social Conflicts
Kialee Nyiayaana

Governing Extractive Industries: The Case of Angola’s Petroleum Sector
Anastasia Ufimtseva

An Exploration of Domains Towards Unlocking Zimbabwean Youths’ Socio Economic and Political Empowerment
Tatenda Goodman Nhapi & Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

The People’s President? Raila Odinga and the “Tunaapisha” Movement
Oyunga Pala

Firoze Manji: What happened to the “African Awakenings” of 2011?
Interview by Toby Leon Moorsom and Christopher Webb

Africanizing the State: Globalizing the Discipline
Andrew Heffernan

Entire Issue of Volume 7 (2019)