Urban & Rural music in Community: Participatory music-making in Ghana (May 2023)

Photo Credit: M. Richardson

This “Africa Study Abroad” course will immerse students in the vibrant musical culture and community life in Dagbamete, an Ewe village in the Volta Region of Ghana, as well as offer opportunities to explore the urban musical culture of Ghana’s capital city, Accra. Through participatory music-making, critical discussion, and reflective and experiential assignments, students will develop an understanding of the connections between music and community in Ghana and implications for their own studies. The course will be based at the West African Cultural Exchange Centre in Dagbamete, which is founded and directed by Kwasi Dunyo. In addition, students will spend some time in Accra with sessions at the University of Ghana at Legon.

The course will be taught by Kathy Armstrong, M.Mus, MA, as well as guest lecturers and instructors based in Ghana.

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