May 2015:Ghana: The Challenges of Development and Democracy in Africa,” Professor Chris Brown (Political Science & African Studies), May 4-22, 2015.

This course will examine the challenges of building democracy and development in Ghana.  It will cover the entire Independence period, though it will focus on contemporary events.  It will be led by Prof. Brown, though it will feature guest presentations by Ghanaian academics, government officials and civil society leaders. The first two weeks of the course will take place in the capital, Accra, while the last week will take place in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region.

Both in Accra and Tamale, the course will combine classroom presentations with field visits to important political and economic institutions.  The Tamale portion of the course will focus on issues of rural development and include visits to some local government offices in the north.   It is hoped that it will be possible to arrange for some students from the University of Ghana to join us in the course.  The course will also feature a weekend visit to Cape Coast Castle, the headquarters of the British slave trade during most of the slaving era, and to Kakum National Park, with its spectacular tree-top canopy walk.

For further information about the course, please see this poster and please feel free to attend one of the information sessions.

This powerpoint presentation gives full details on the course, including estimated budget and application information.

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