The ALiGN Media Lab was officially launched on September 18th, 2017 at the Richcraft Hall, Carleton University in Ottawa.

We had a great turn out at the launch with around 50 people attended the event. Thanks for showing up and celebrating our historical moment, ALiGN friends! We were grateful for your support!

Let’s align and tell your story today.



01:40 to 01:45pm: Welcome by Nasreen Rajani (MC); Remarks by Andre Plourde (FPA Dean) & Josh Greenberg (SJC Director)

01:45 to 01:49pm: “What is ALiGN?” 

01:49 to 02:04pm: ALiGN Research Showcase by Kathy Dobson, Nasreen Rajani & Scott Mitchell

02:04 to 02:25pm: “Tour de ALiGN” with Merlyna Lim & Closing by all ALiGN crew

02:25 to 3:00pm: Reception



ALiGN Media Lab Launch