ENGL 2700A  American Literature I,  (Prof. Hewson) (Fall term)

ENGL 3702A  American culture  (Prof. Holton) (Fall term)

ENGL 3702B/HIST 3907A  American Culture (Profs. Nudelman and McNeil) (Winter term)

ENGL 4708 A Studies in American Literature I (Prof. Holton) (Winter term)


FILM 2101  The film industry, Winter (Prof. Richler)

FILM 3206  Topics in American cinema — Sex and American Cinema, Winter (Prof. Horak)

FILM 4401  Selected Topics in Film Authorship: Walt Disney (J. Stidwell)


FYSM 1405A  Turning Points in History – The Long Civil Rights Movement, Fall/Winter (Prof. Walker)

HIST 2401A  History of the United States to 1865, Fall Term (Prof. MacKay)

HIST 2402A  History of the United States from 1865, Winter Term (TBA)

HIST 3304A  Canada-United States Relations, Winter Term (Prof. Hillmer)

HIST 3410A  Popular Culture in 19th Century U.S. (Field c) (Prof. Miller) (Winter online)

HIST 3904B  Topics in U.S. History – Fighting Words: Contemporary Perspectives on the American Civil War, Fall Term (Prof. St. Germain)

HIST 3904A  Topics in U.S. History —The US & Its Borderlands: immigration, exclusion and border-making, Winter Term (Prof. Hogue)

HIST 3907B  Transnational or Thematic Topic – US Constitutional History: Law and Inequality, Fall (Prof. Goldman)

HIST 3907A  Transnational or Thematic Topic – Black Freedoms: African American culture from abolition to Black Lives Matter, Winter Term (Prof. McNeil and Prof. Nudelman)

HIST 4305A: Political History in Canada – Canada, North America, and the World (Prof Hillmer)


PSCI 2200A  Introduction to U.S. politics, Fall Term (Prof. Attwood)

PSCI 4707A/ PSCI 5607B  Politics of North America (Prof. Haussman)


CDNS 3620R Canada-US Relations (online) (Prof. Nimijean)