Bursaries for International Students

A Bursary is a monetary award that is granted on the basis of financial need. Bursaries are different than scholarships. Scholarships are merit-based and are awarded for academic achievement. Bursaries are finance need based and do not have to be repaid.

Bursaries ranging from $100 to $1,000 are available for undergraduate US/International students who demonstrate financial need in order to finance their studies after completing one year of undergraduate studies at Carleton University.

To be eligible for a Carleton Bursary for International Students:

  • You are an international student with a valid study permit.
  • You have completed your first year of study at Carleton University.
  • You have demonstrated financial need.
  • Bursary applicants must have satisfactory academic standing.

Tips for filling out your bursary application

1. Be complete! The bursary committee has to read your application and make a decision. It’s hard to assess your situation if you’ve left information out.
2. Hand it in on time. The deadline is important – late applications will not be considered.
3. Be realistic. When you are filling out the budget, be realistic about how much you spend. Indicating that you spend $300/mo on entertainment might help show that you have more expenses than resources but it probably won’t get you a bursary.
4. Don’t forget your resources. Make sure you tell us how much money you have. If you tell us you have $10,000 worth of expenses and $0 worth of resources we’re going to think you forgot to fill in half of the application.