Banner Document Management (BDM) is an imaging and electronic document management system designed for use with Banner and Banner products. It is designed to meet the imaging and document management requirements of higher education and to seamlessly integrate with Banner products to provide users quick and easy click through access to documents.

BDM uses a third-party application from OpenText called AppXtender to deliver the primary tools for imaging, archival and retrieval.  The acronym BDM actually refers to the collection of these OpenText tools and the integration components developed by Ellucian that allow linking from Banner directly to documents and document management tasks.

The BDM implementation at Carleton University uses a specific web based product within AppXtender called Web Access.  Web Access allows users to make use of the power of the internet and online computing to access and work with documents 24×7 from any global location.  Tools are provided within Web Access for viewing, importing, indexing, annotating, storing, sharing and archiving critical documents while managing a link to data records in Banner.

BDM and Web Access Features:

  • Scan, import and manage various types of electronic documents (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, MS Excel, MS Word, Video, etc)
  • Associate documents with data in Banner
  • View documents directly from Banner or outside of Banner
  • Distribute documents in web-based environments
  • Automatically import and index letters, transcripts, audits or other internally generated output
  • Annotate or mark-up documents
  • Scale to meet long-term, institution-wide document management needs
  • Single Sign on thru Banner and CAS
  • Create document security based on user groups and roles
  • Integrate with Banner Workflow and Luminus Portal
  • Support for various scanners
  • Support for document retention and disposition

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