A note, text or shape added to a document page.  Annotations are overlayed onto the document page.  Placing annotations on a document page is referred to as Annotating.

A structure in BDM that acts as the storage area for documents and their metadata.  A BDM application will typically be associated with a specific functional area or business process.   An application would be synonymous with a filing cabinet or filing cabinet drawer in the paper document world.

A collection of documents and or pages that have been scanned or imported into Web Access but have not  yet been indexed.  Documents can be scanned into batches before they are indexed.  This allows for the scanning and indexing functions to be split between different users.

Batch Status
Each batch has a status visible in the Batch List in Web Access.  If the status is “Scanning” or “Indexing”, the batch is currently in use and cannot be selected for indexing.  Only batches with a status of “Idle” can be selected for indexing.

The acronym for Banner Document Management.  BDM is the collection of OpenText software (AppXtender and Web Access) and the integration technologies that bind these software products to Banner.

An object or group of objects stored in an application and identified by unique sets of index information. Each page of a document is a single object, such as a scanned image file or a word processing file. A document can be as small as one page, or it can contain thousands of pages.

Document Type
Document types are categories of documents that are specific to a business office or process.  Examples include Transcripts, Letters of Offer, Invoices, Test Scores, Resumes, etc.

The process of moving an electonic file stored on a PC or MAC into BDM.  Importing is synonymous with the concept of uploading.

A group of fields or data values that uniquely define a document. When a document is stored in an application it must be tagged with a predefined set of data values that allow it to be searched on and easily retrieved.  Index values can be mandatory or optional.

The act of tagging a document with data values and saving it to BDM.  Indexing in BDM is synonymous with the act of filing in a paper based document filing system.

A single object. In BDM, a single page can be a word processing document that contains what would usually be considered multiple pages. Each page of a document shares the document’s index values.

A special type of annotation that hides information on a document or page.  A redaction makes use of an opaque fill color to cover the sensitive information thereby hiding it from users.

The process of converting paper documents and pages to electronic or digitized files.

Web Access
The web application that provides an interface through which users can store, retrieve, view, and process documents.