We have created a complete set of training and support materials for BDM end users and technical & functional support staff.   These documents are intended to answer many of the questions you would have about how to use BDM and its supporting software.  The FAQ pages also help serve as a source of information.  We welcome you to familiarize yourself with these documents.

The chart below lists the current BDM Functional Specialists and their areas of responsibilites.  The BDM Functional Specialists are the intial points of contact for problem resolution, training and requesting access to BDM.   These indivisuals are in the best position to help you with getting the BDM service and information you require as they are familiar with BDM/WebXtender, Setup and Configuration as well as the business processes that BDM is supporting.

BDM Functional Specialists Business/Functional
Glendy Wong (x2246)
Wayne McGee (x1318)
FGPA Graduate Admissions
In-Program Records
Graduate Awards
Greg Skazyk (x8484)
Provost Office CI Contracts
Faculty Recruitment/Appointment
Faculty Leaves
Megan Richardson (x7046)
Petr Srna (x8815)
Admissions Under Grad Admissions
Amanda Wright (x8335)
Gina Darya (x2407)
Alex Marchi (x8515)
Registrars Office Student Records
ISSO Outgoing Exchange
Travel Registry
Cody Wise (xx2069)
ISSO ISSO Outgoing Exchange
Lisa Ralph
Student Affairs Student Affairs