The ARISE Building is a specialized laboratory which supports experimental work in the biological, biochemical, and behavioural sciences.

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Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Closest is located in Lot 8, in front of the Social Sciences Research Building (2).

Exterior Entrance

Not accessible from the outside.

Tunnel Access

Accessible tunnel entrance to level 3.




Fully accessible washroom on third level.


Unknown. Closest located in levels 1 and 2 of the Loeb Building.

Classroom Areas

Accessible where access is permitted.

Study Areas

Not applicable.


Vending machines on second level of the Loeb Building. Loeb Cafe on first level of the Loeb Building.


Most of the building is off-limits to the public. Only level 3, which contains administrative and professors’ offices, is open to students. Security cards are required for access to the rest of the building.