The Carleton Working group on Climate Change

invites you to participate in a

Naomi Klein Reading Group


This group will discuss short selections from Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything in three parts (meeting once in February, once in March, and once in April). We have selected this book because it is accessible, engaging, and much discussed now by both scholars and the general public. The group will be a forum for informed consideration of Klein’s position and the issues she presents. We hope that people from a range of disciplines and perspectives will participate. This group is open to ALL faculty and ALL students at Carleton University. It adopts a unique format in which students and faculty will be learning together in small groups.

To sign up for this Reading Group (or if you have any questions) please email:

Please Note: the reading groups will be composed of about 12 people each and the number of groups will depend on the number of people who are interested in participating.