2023 Worldwide Climate Teach-In

When? Wednesday, March 29th (or anytime that week!)

Join the Carleton Climate Commons, History Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and many other organizations in the upcoming WORLDWIDE TEACH-IN ON CLIMATE AND JUSTICE on and around March 29, 2023. Last year this event engaged an estimated 50,000 students at more than 300 campuses in over 60 countries!

On and around March 29, 2023, we hope you’ll join us to #MakeClimateAClass! This means devoting your regular class time, in part or fully, to a discussion of how your field contributes to the understanding of climate change, climate solutions or climate justice. There are multiple resources available, in various languages (more resources here and here!), to help you develop an inventive and engaging class that connects climate change with any course or discipline in the natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Any single one of the teach-ins and any style count!

You can participate even if your class is already focused on climate change–the goal is to have as many classes/groups/communities participating as we can.

If you are interested in participating, please, let us know by including your name and university on the form below. On March 23rd, we will be hosting a hybrid Noons for Now event (our weekly Teach-In series), to prepare for the wave of Teach-Ins. On March 30th, we will host another virtual teach-in to discuss and debrief about how the experience went.

Let’s make the climate crisis a fundamental part of post-secondary education! Let’s make climate change education a fundamental part of the necessary change!

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Need some inspiration? Check out our resource lists on teaching and talking about climate change from past Noons for Now events: