January 26: Imagining Healthcare Alternatives in Ottawa: Community-Oriented Solutions focused on Environmental Justice with Barry Bruce, and Deb Chapman (Reimagine Ottawa), and Sujit Sur (Carleton University)

Our January 26th event (organized in collaboration with Reimagine Ottawa) will discuss the planned expansion of the Ottawa Civic Hospital into the Experimental Farm. At this teach-in, we will imagine alternatives to the planned mega-hospital and discuss both the possibilities and challenges presented by a community-centered approach to healthcare in the city. What would a community-centered healthcare system look like? What are the environmental benefits to such an approach? How can we craft health infrastructure for an environmentally just future? Join us to discuss!


Barry Bruce is an Ottawa-based physician and former Chief of Staff of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital.

Deb Chapman is an environmental activist working with Reimagine Ottawa.

Sujit Sur is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Management at the Sprott School of Business and the Carleton Sustainable Energy Centre.

Resource List

Reimagine Ottawa Website

Noons for Now Resource List: Local Action and the Experimental Farm with Susan Ross (Carleton U), Diane McIntyre (Re-Imagine Ottawa) and Joel Harden, 5 May 2022,

The Ottawa Hospital Master Plan on the City of Ottawa website (offers a general overview and timeline of the project)

  • You can view the development application package here (it is currently open for feedback!)

Hospital Care in the Age of Environmental Responsibility:

Medium-Sized Hospitals: A Vital Resource For Local Communities and the Broader Health Care System,” Infosheet from the Ontario Hospital Association

The Current with Matt Galloway – Jan. 24, 2023: It’s time to take back health care for Canadians, says Jane Philpott

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Upcoming Events:

Hospital site plan open house – February 9
The City of Ottawa has received a site plan application for the Ottawa Hospital. The subject application includes both the third and fourth phase of the Master Site Plan consisting of a Central Utility Plant with electrical, heating and cooling equipment (Phase 3) and the main Hospital building (Phase 4). The main Hospital building will consist of approximately 230,000 square metres of gross floor area comprising a two-storey podium, two towers (Towers A and B) which will house the majority of the patient rooms, and a Pavilion flanking the Main Entrance. The pavilion will consist of meeting and conference rooms, an auditorium, retail spaces, a cafeteria, and will connect to the weather-protected highline pathway across the top of the 4 storey parking garage. For more detailed information on the plans, please visit hereResidents are invited to attend a virtual public information session via zoom on February 9th at 6:30 p.m. where the applicant will present their application and answer questions. Please register to attend here.

Budget consultation – February 15
Join Councillors Leiper, Troster, and Menard for an interactive consultation on the 2023 City budget on February 15 at 7 pm. They will feature a presentation from Civic Research on behalf of the Ottawa Coalition for the People’s Budget.  This is an opportunity to discuss your priorities for your tax dollars.  Visit here to register.