Theses Abstracts in PDF

2009 Ph.D.: M. Penner-Wilger. Subitizing, Finger Gnosis, and Finger Agility as Precursors to the Representation of Number.

2009 Masters: C. Sowinski. Are parent and childcare practitioner characteristics predictive of their early literacy and numeracy practices?

2008 Honours: M. Broekma. Should teachers use children’s literature to teach mathematics?

2008 Honours: M. Dale. Exploring the pathway between finger gnosia and mathematical ability.

2007 Honours: E. Schryer. The Development of Conceptual and Procedural Understanding of Counting.

2007 Honours: V. Grant. Children’s Home Activities: An Examination of the Relation between Home Activities and Math Performance for Children in Grades Two and Three.

2007 Honours: C. Brescacin. Informal Mathematical Practices in the Home:
The Predictability of Formal Mathematical Achievement in Kindergarten Students.

2006 Honours : S. Bannoff. The Corsi Block-Tapping Task in Children: Exploring Performance, Stimulus Variations, and Relations to Early Mathematical Ability.

2006 Honours: D. Nichols. Subitizing in Children with Strong Math Skills: Optional or Automatic?

2006 Honours: E. Sargla. Understanding Children’s Conceptual Knowledge of Counting.

2006 Masters: R. Watchorn. Inversion Use Among Students in Grades 2-4.