Count Me In Schools

10 Schools, 3 Cities

Children from ten schools participated in the Count Me In study. The fourth year of data was collected at the schools in the spring of 2007. Children in Junior & Senior Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through 5 participated in the study. Each child performed some grade-specific activities and a set of annual Count Me In specific computer ‘games’.

Participating schools are located in

  • Peterborough, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario and
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

The children who participate in the research are tested by trained research assistants with recent police checks. All of the Universities involved have been given permission to conduct the research by their respective Ethics review board.

Participating schools receive annual newsletters for parents and teachers. In addition, Count Me In researchers provide workshops for teachers and parents on their latest research.

The researchers of the Count Me In Project would like to thank the parents, teachers and children who have participated in each year. We would especially like to thank the Principals, for permitting their school to be a part of this study. There are 8 participating schools in Ontario and Manitoba. If any additional schools would like to participate, they should contact Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre.

The University of Winnipeg

Trent University

University of Alberta