Early Childhood:

The Society for Research in Child Development recently published a Social Policy Report titled Mathematics Education for Young Children: What it Is and How to Promote It. This report provides insight into understanding and improving mathematics education for three to five year olds.

French Immersion:

If you teach with an Accent Mathematique textbook, you probably know that these texts are a translation of the Nelson Mathematics K-8 series. There are online resources for teachers on the Thomson Nelson site. The resources match each unit in the text. There are also Canadian resources for teachers of grades 4-6 in French on the MathFrog site.

Canadian Measurement and Topics:

The math department at the University of Waterloo provides teacher resources for grades 4-6 on it’s MathFrog site. The department of Mathematics at Western University also sponsors a Teachers Resources site.

Ontario Teachers:

The Ottawa Carleton School Board has set up an excellent Teacher Resources site with web links matched to the Ontario Elementary Mathematics curriculum units. Ontario teachers, with the support of Anne LeSage, have also developed Words 2 Numbers , a database that includes mathematic lessons supported by literacy for children from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Words 2 Numbers also has a comprehensive list of 1000 books to use to integrate math and literature.

Manitoba Teachers:

The Manitoba Education site provides teacher resources in MS Word and PDF format.

All Teachers:

Information on facilitating children’s numeracy development can be found at the Foundations for Numeracy site. This evidence-based toolkit may be helpful in designed materials to support children’s numeracy development.

The University of Winnipeg

Trent University

University of Alberta