Sales Tax

Any goods and services, such as office supplies, furniture, research equipment, conference registration, and professional services purchased as part of research funding will be subject to both federal (5%) and provincial (8%) components for a total rate of 13% HST. However, the University receives a rebate of 73.769% on the combined tax amount.

Grant holders should ensure that all budgeted purchases take into consideration the 3.41% tax which will be charged to the Fund. Please note that at the time of purchase the Fund will be temporarily charged the full 13%, and Research Financial Services will reimburse the account with the rebate upon payment of each invoice.

Foreign Currency

Any research funding issued in a foreign currency will be converted to Canadian Dollars, and the spending power in the Fund will be assigned based on the exchange rate used at the date of Fund creation. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to build their budgets in Canadian Dollars to ensure that sufficient funding exists to conduct the work.

Researchers are encouraged to use the Bank of Canada rate and then apply an additional reduction (usually 0.10) to the rate of exchange.

For example, 1.00 Canadian Dollar(s) = 0.78 U.S. dollar(s), at an exchange rate of 0.7808 (using nominal rate). In this case, CORIS recommends assuming a 1.00 = 0.68 U.S. dollar(s) to ensure that sufficient funding is requested, should the exchange rate fluctuate over the course of the project.

Purchase of Goods & Services

All purchases made on research funding must comply with Carleton’s Procurement Policy. Once the Fund has been created and the specifications have been determined, the Fund holder should contact Carleton’s Purchasing Department, as early as possible in the process, to discuss the next steps.