The Sub-Awards Process:

We manage sub-awards* (transfer of funds) for:

* For NSERC CRD and Alliance subawards, please contact Jenna Pepper at or 613-520-2600 x 5548.

** For International subawards, please contact Asli Eran at or 613-520-2600 x 4411

Just ask Lisa.

Lisa Wilson
Research Administrator,
Tri-Agency and Canadian Foundations
613-520-2600 x 8045

Are you…

Sending a transfer to another institution?

Submit an outgoing transfer request:

  1. Start an event in cuResearch. (Download illustrated step by step instructions HERE)
  2. Be sure to include:
    • Sub-recipient institution name
    • Co-investigator’s name and email address
    • Amount to be issued
    • Scope of work/use of funds
    • Start and end dates for sub-award
    • Any additional information
  3. Sign the transfer: The Research Administrator will send you the transfer agreement when it is ready. You only need to sign and return it and your job is done.
  4. Note that your partner institution will receive the funds after the form is fully executed and submitted to Research Financial Services, as organized by the Research Administrator.

Receiving a transfer* as a co-applicant?

Submit an incoming transfer request:

  1. Select “Apply New” in the top right on the cuResearch homepage.
  2. Select “Approval Form” under CORIS awards.
  3. Sign the transfer: The Research Administrator will send you the transfer agreement once it is received from the collaborating institution. Please sign and return the form.
  4. Your partner institution will send the funds to you through Carleton’s Research Financial Services.

* We will receive your transfer request in CORIS. We need you, the researcher, to submit an Approval Form through cuResearch so we can open an account for your transfer.

See Life Cycle of a Research Grant for more information on where sub-awards fit into the research grant framework.