The Research Post-Award (RPA) team is a service offered by Office of the Vice-President, Research and International. It is designed to support researchers holding external awards (i.e. grants and contracts) with navigating the policies, processes, and practices associated with research-related expenditures.  Service delivery methods include: email, instant messaging over MS Teams and screen share through (MS Teams/Zoom).

To connect with the RPA Team send an email to rpa.vpri@carleton.ca

Some examples of how the RPA Team can help. We can:

  • provide the correct research-related expense documents to be completed and explain (verbally/ interactive screen sharing) the fields if required, such as the Independent Contractor Questionnaire, Online Pay Profile, Hourly Submission, etc;
  • respond to research questions related to particular fields in the Carleton financial systems (SAP Concur, eShop, Graduate Requisition Payment System)
  • address queries related to locating, understanding and retrieving award data in FAST My Research, for example looking up fund balances and/or individual expenses, setting-up automated reports, etc.;
  • interpret sponsor and University financial policies, procedures and guidelines, such as those related to grant funded employment, eligible expenditures, reporting requirements.

The RPA Service compliments the existing post-award support services in the Faculties and Departments, as well as:

Madeleine Ibrahim
Post-Award Administrator

Robert Porter
Post-Award Administrator

JoLynn Hardwick
Post-Award Administrator

Ryan Farrell
Post-Award Administrator