What is cuResearch?

It is an awards management system that allows researchers to:

  • View and track their research portfolio  (approval requests, awarded funding, agreements, etc.)
  • Request research ethics compliance clearances
  • Request transfers of funds
  • Submit an Approval Form (Checklist) to ensure their Chair/Director and Associate Dean of Research are aware of their application/activities and approve of institutional commitments described therein

What is the Approval Form?

The cuResearch approval is a form designed to capture the critical elements of a research project, ensuring your Chair/Director and Associate Dean of Research area aware of the application/activities and approve of institutional commitments described therein. The submission of the form triggers the creation in the awards management system of a unique file from which Carleton personnel in OVPRI (Carleton International/CORIS/IPS/Ethics) and Research Financial Services can support the administration of your project. For example, once any required compliances are obtained, a message is issued from this file to alert RFS to open a research fund for a grant/contract.

When should I complete and Approval Form?

You are required to complete an approval form when you are:

  • applying to an external organization for funding, i.e. your application contains a budget
  • applying for an internal research funding program administered by OVPRI
  • submitting a nomination to an external agency for an honour or distinction
  • responding to a request for proposal
  • entering into contractual arrangements with another party, including but not limited to:
    1. research contracts;
    2. research grant agreements (for leverage in industry-government projects)
    3. Service agreements
    4. Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)
    5. Purchase orders (for funds coming into Carleton)
    6. intellectual property agreements
    7. licensing agreements; and
    8. supervising a student or postdoctoral fellow who has been awarded funding from an external agency, such as Mitacs. (excludes scholarships!)  The student’s project must be submitted (and an account will be opened) under the supervisor’s name.

 Why should I complete an Approval Form?

The most important reasons why you should seek to submit an approval form are:

  • To enable fund opening when you project is successful- the file you create through this submission is used to alert Research Financial Services to open your research funds, after any compliances are issued, if required.
  • To ensure your Chair\Director and Associate Dean of Research’s are aware of your application/activities and approve of institutional commitments described therein.

How to Log In and Submit a cuResearch Approval Form (Checklist)?

  • To login, click HERE
  • To submit an Approval From, click “Apply New” at the top right of your cuResearch homepage

  • Select Approval Form under CORIS Awards

Training Resources

cuResearch Help Desk

For Awards:

Contact the help desk by phone at (613) 520-2600 ext. 6109, by email at curesearch@carleton.ca, or in person at 4100 ARISE.

For Ethics:

Contact Leslie MacDonald-Hicks at extension 2517 with questions or guidance about CUREB-A and Alisha Seguin at extension 4085 for CUREB-B. You may also email either of them at ethics@carleton.ca.

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