Research Achievement Awards (RAA):

The RAA awards are defined under the C.U.A.S.A. Collective Agreement (Article 41.2).  The awards are intended to enhance the research productivity of their recipients at Carleton University.  They are available to faculty employees only.

  • Each year ten (10) awards are granted to Carleton Researchers
  • Each award is valued at $15,000
  • The award is intended to enhance research productivity of the recipients
  • Candidates must submit completed applications to their Faculty Dean by October 31 via the online portal at

Candidates must submit a curriculum vitae and a standardized application form which will address the following questions:

  1. Research conducted over the last five (5) years; if you have taken a formal leave within this period, please indicate this and extend by the length of the leave
  2. Research proposed for the term of the Award
  3. Publication, grants and contracts held of the past five (5) years
  4. How the award will contribute to the employee’s research program; and,
  5. Any other information the candidate wishes to provide to his/her Dean

Applications will be submitted via a webportal that will be available on or before October 1st. Email submissions will not be accepted.

The instructions for the application attachments can be found here.