Book a one-on-one virtual appointment with an RPA Administrator for your post-award questions. Appointments are usually 45 minutes long, and we can help with the following topics:

  1. Hiring Research Personnel:
    1. Hiring system processing selection (E-Shop, Payroll profile, Grad Research Assistant Payment System)
    2. Navigating mandatory hiring forms (payroll profile, independent contractors questionnaires)
    3. Hiring processes and policies at Carleton
    4. Locating hiring expenses incurred in systems
  2. Research Expenses:
    1. Research expense eligibility and processes
    2. Research related University and/or sponsor policies
    3. Financial processing system selection (Concur, eShop, P-Card) and documentation requirements
    4. Verification of claim accuracy/completeness, locating documents and expenses incurred in system
  3. Other – Other post-award related topics

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