The RPA team offers several workshops that are held monthly:

Paying Research Support Personnel from Research Funds Workshop:

  • Discusses the different types of employment relationships and how these affect processing of payments in the three Carleton systems (Payroll profile, Grad RA Payment System, eShop)
  • Reviews the three hiring systems at Carleton and associated data entry processes
  • Discusses the payment of honorariums
  • Presents real world case studies

Research Expenses Workshop:

  • Discusses the different types of research funding (contracts/grants)
  • Discusses the order of precedence of funding terms and conditions in relation to eligibility of expenses (Sponsor, Program Specific, University)
  • Reviews applicable research related expenditure University policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Discusses research expense eligibility and documentation requirements
  • Examines the appropriate Carleton system to use for various types of expenses
  • Presents real world case studies

Research Hospitality Workshop (30 Minutes):

Are you planning to host a research hospitality event and unsure of the applicable policies and procedures for this event?

How does a research hospitality event differ from a departmental entertainment expense?

We would like to invite you to the Research Hospitality Workshop. This workshop will provide:

  • A review of University policies and guidelines for all research expenses
  • A discussion of specific policy requirements for research hospitality events
  • An examination of the differences between research hospitality events and departmental entertainment expenses
  • A discussion of various hospitality expenses, such as gifts and paid guest speakers
  • A discussion of how to reimburse travel costs for invited guest speakers
  • A discussion of a research hospitality case study

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