Our Mission

The objectives of CSIDS include: (a) the support and encouragement of interdisciplinary research at Carleton in salient issues in security, intelligence and defence; (b) the hosting of visiting scholars and research Fellows pursuing research; (c) supporting the graduate education and training of students at the Masters and Doctoral levels; (d) the production and dissemination of policy-relevant research and analysis on current issues of relevance to security, intelligence and defence studies; (e) the conception, organization and hosting of conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and guest lectures on topics related to the mandate of CSIDS; (f) the design and delivery of dedicated academic and professional training courses in security, intelligence and defence studies; and (g) collaboration with the public sector, private sector, civil society groups, the media and the general public in order to foster informed debate and dialogue on important policy questions in the field of security, intelligence and defence.

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

The Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies is situated within Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. CSIDS is a centre of excellence specializing in intelligence, security and defence studies and is an integral component of what is the leading international affairs graduate school in Canada. In support of the Norman Paterson School, CSIDS promotes cross-disciplinary teaching and offers an intellectual forum for faculty, staff, and students, enhancing the educational experience of its graduate students. In tandem with the School, CSIDS also provides dedicated training workshops to the broader community of intelligence and security practitioners, including within the private sector.