CSIDS brings together the best experts in the field.

Stéphanie Plante,



Stéphanie is the Director of CSIDS and the Project Coordinator of the Canadian Defence and Security Network (cdsn-rcds.com). Her research focuses on election systems and administration and electoral integrity. She has been published in various publications on the issues of referendums. voter turnout, leadership contests and indigenous elections. She is the former executive director of the International Commission of Jurists – Canada and a graduate of the University of Windsor.
Jez Littlewood
5315 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 6659
Professor Jez Littlewood teaches courses on Intelligence and International Affairs, Terrorism and International Security, Intelligence and National Security, and Chemical and Biological weapons. His research interests include proliferation and counter-proliferation of WMD, terrorism and counter-terrorism, international security, and intelligence. He served previously as an Advisor to the Counter-Proliferation Department of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs (Geneva), and with HM Forces (Army) of the UK. He is a UK national and permanent resident in Canada.
David Mendeloff
5317 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1373
Professor David Mendeloff teaches courses in international conflict analysis, post-conflict peacebuilding and state reconstruction, and transitional justice at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. He is actively engaged in research on the theory and practice of formal accountability and truth-seeking mechanisms in the aftermath of war and atrocity. He is particularly interested in the relationship between domestic and international justice, such as war crimes tribunals and truth commissions, and the causes and prevention of war and civilian violence.
Dane Rowlands
5312 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1218
Professor Dane Rowlands is the Director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. His primary research interests are in international debt, multilateral financial institutions, official development assistance, and the international aspects of economic development. He also conducts research on international migration, peacekeeping, and conflict and development. He has recently been teaching courses in international finance and conflict economics.
Steve Saideman
5104 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1369
Professor Steve Saideman is the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University. His research interests focus on the causes and consequences of intervention into intra-state conflicts. His current work focuses on Canadian and NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan and also on the mobilization of diaspora groups. He teaches courses on Civil-Military Relations and American Foreign and Defence Policy.
Yiagadeesen (Teddy) Samy
Associate Professor and
Director of NPSIA
5304 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 8884
Professor Teddy Samy is the Director of NPSIA and teaches courses in economic development, international assistance and quantitative methods.  His broad research interests are in the areas of international trade and development economics.  More specifically, he has worked on trade and labor standards; debt relief; and aid allocation and aid effectiveness in fragile states.  Some of his current work is examining the role of emerging donors; the allocation of aid for trade; and the relationship between taxation and development.
Alex S. Wilner
Assistant Professor
5106 Richcraft Hal
520-2600 ext. 6199
Dr. Alex S. Wilner is an Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University. He teaches classes on Intelligence, International Affairs, and Strategic Foresight. Professor Wilner’s research primarily focuses on the application of deterrence theory to contemporary security issues, like terrorism, violent radicalization, organized crime, cyber threats, and proliferation.
Stephanie Carvin
Assistant Professor
5103 Richcraft Hall
520-2600 ext. 1370
Stephanie Carvin is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. Her research interests are in the area of international law, security, terrorism and technology. Currently, she is teaching in the areas of critical infrastructure protection, technology and warfare and foreign policy.