Photo of Kyle Stolys

Kyle Stolys

Commerce Student


Kyle Stolys is a fourth-year Commerce student with a concentration in Finance at the Sprott School of Business who is set to graduate in December 2016.

In his first year at Carleton, Kyle joined the Ontario Economic Development Society – a student-run non-profit – as chief research officer, where he led 10 undergraduate, graduate and PhD students in policy analysis for the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. In this role, Kyle completed a variety of projects, including a policy resolution on the legalization of equity crowdfunding, which he helped present to a government committee in March 2013.

In his second year, Kyle joined the Sprott Student Investment Fund (SSIF), which manages $800,000 of endowment capital that is invested in Canadian and U.S. stocks. In that year, Kyle was named Analyst of the Year for recommending an investment in Osisko Mining, which generated a 64 per cent return. He is now the portfolio manager, heading the team of 20 students, and leading the overall investment strategy.

“In high school I had a very keen interest in the world of investing but I knew that there was only so much I could learn on my own,” says Stolys. “When I first learned about Sprott, I was immediately impressed with SSIF, and I saw it as the perfect opportunity for me to continue to grow and learn. The experience that SSIF has given me is completely unlike any other that I could have obtained from another school.”

Kyle is a member of Sprott Competes and was part of the winning team at the Van Berkom Small Cap Case Competition in March 2016. Additionally, Kyle is a teaching assistant for various second- and third-year finance courses, and has consistently made the Dean’s Honour List.

“My initial interest in financial markets in high school has developed into a full blown passion and I will, without a doubt, end up managing money as a career.”