Photo of Mira Sucharov

Mira Sucharov

Middle East Expert


Mira Sucharov is an associate professor of Political Science who holds a PhD in Government from Georgetown University, an MA in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and a BA in Middle East Studies from McGill University.

She is the author of The International Self: Psychoanalysis and the Search for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, and various journal articles on Israeli-Palestinian relations and diaspora Jewish relations.

Sucharov is a three-time teaching award winner, having received the 2004 Carleton University Teaching Achievement Award, the 2011 Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching and the 2015 Faculty of Public Affairs Award for Excellence in Teaching.

She is a regular columnist for the Canadian Jewish News, and is a frequent contributor to Haaretz and the Jewish Daily Forward. Her writing has also appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Daily Beast, NOW Toronto and the Walrus. She won a 2010 Rockower Award from the American Jewish Press Association for a Jewish Independent column on Holocaust education and Israeli foreign policy.

Sucharov is currently the Israel country analyst for Freedom House’s annual Freedom in the World Report, and is the co-chair of the Third Narrative’s Scholars for Israel and Palestine. As a co-founder of Ottawa Centre Refugee Action, she is currently personally involved in refugee sponsorship.

“Carleton has let me spread my wings in various directions — from experimenting with innovative teaching techniques and mediums to honing my skills as a public commentator on sensitive issues,” she says. “It’s a great place to be a scholar, a writer and a teacher.”

In her teaching and through public writing, Sucharov enjoys encouraging students and her global audience to examine multiple sides of an issue. This is especially challenging — and vitally important — in the area of Israeli-Palestinian relations. At Carleton, she also has pioneered teaching political identity through graphic novels, as well as teaching political opinion writing.