Haunted by Sir John A. MacDonald in Sandy Hill: A Virtual Exhibition on A Controversial Figure, in partnership with Prime Ministers’ Row and the Ottawa Museum Network, ongoing. This exhibition aims to critically present Sir John A. Macdonald’s history and legacy through an artifact-based exhibition, rooted in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood in Ottawa.  We are grappling with the figure of Macdonald at a critical time, amid heightened standards of accountability for public figures past and present, and calls for systemic change from anti-colonial and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) movements. Many of the systems protested can be traced back to the policies and ideologies present during and created within the lifetime of Macdonald. Read more… Designed and curated in the context of CURA 5002, a material and intangible culture studio course taught by ICSLAC Instructor Dr. Trina Cooper-Bolam. Student curators: Madeleine McDougall, Haley Menard, Sophie Nakashima, HarukaToyoda.