When people talk about Carleton, they often mention “the Capital advantage”. What exactly is “the Capital advantage”?

At Carleton, we have the benefit of being located in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, which is home to an incredible density of cultural offerings. These include seven of Canada’s nine national museums, (the Agriculture and Food Museum, the Aviation and Space Museum, the Science and Technology Museum, the Museum, the Museum of History, the Museum of Nature, the War Museum, and the National Gallery), the National Arts Centre, the Canadian Film Institute, Library and Archives Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, and a wide range of museums, galleries, public art, historical landmarks, and memorials.

Despite the impressive array of cultural institutions that it boasts, Ottawa is also a remarkably down-to-earth and accessible city! And Carleton is well connected with many of the galleries and museums located here. For instance, where else could you sit in on board meetings at the National Gallery, explore memorial statuary on the grounds of Parliament, and meet some of Canada’s most important artists at exhibit openings? Only in Ottawa through the Curatorial Studies Program!

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