Eryn O’Neill

Eryn O’Neill, a current graduate student in ICSLAC’s Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies, recently presented a conference on “Outings, Research, and Execution”. Her talk was part of Arteast Ottawa‘s Speakers Series. For more information on Eryn’s work: eofineart.

Rebecca Friend

Friend is a recent graduate of both ICSLAC’s Curatorial Studies Graduate Diploma and the MA program in Public History. She credits her work in co-curating Morsels of Memory: A Taste of Ottawa’s Food History, an exhibition with fellow Curatorial Studies students,  as inspiration for her MA research.  Friend studied how children and childhood have been represented in Canadian commemorations like monuments and memorials. Along with this research, she also designed a participatory project with a group of children at an elementary school in Montreal where they were asked to design their own monuments to Canadian childhood. For a fuller description of her curatorial research: Incorporating Youth Perspectives in Monuments