Photo of Patricia Bérubé

Patricia Bérubé

Policy Officer, Accessible Canada Directorate

Degrees:Ph.D. Cultural Mediations (Carleton University), Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies (Carleton University), M.A. in Art History (Université de Montréal), B.A. in Art History and Museology (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Dr. Patricia Bérubé (Ph.D. Cultural Mediations, 2022), Towards a more inclusive museum: developing multi-sensory approaches to the visual arts for visually impaired audiences (Supervisors: Drs. Jesse Stewart and Lois Frankl). Coming from an Art History background, Patricia is drawn to the question of cultural accessibility within museums. She has always been particularly interested in the evolution of the concept of ‘museum public’, which now starts to expand to previously underrepresented or marginalized groups. By analyzing how colors are used and accessed, her research  aims to challenge and broaden our understanding of what cultural accessibility is or should be.