Domestic Admission Funding

The Faculty of Graduate Affairs is responsible for extending offers of internal funding to admissible candidates. This funding is detailed in the offer of admission issued by the Faculty. Depending on eligibility, funding packages may include:

• A Domestic Entrance Scholarship (awarded for one year)

• A Merit Scholarship (awarded for up to four years)

• A Teaching Assistantship, or TA (awarded for up to five years)

• A Research Assistantship, or RA, for students involved in a funded faculty research project (terms vary)

For more information on admission funding packages, please refer to the following faculty page:

Please note that only full-time students are eligible for funding.

International Admission Funding

Facutly-wide, limited Carleton funding is offered to a few outstanding international applicants. For more information, please refer to the following faculty page:

External Scholarships and Awards

Many of our doctoral students apply for both internal and external scholarships or awards (SSHRC, OGS, etc.) during their program. To fully prepare students for the two main provincial (OGS) and federal (SSHRC) scholarship competitions, the Institute organizes a yearly grant writing workshop mentored by experienced faculty members. For a list of our OGS, SSHRC and other award winners, please visit our Graduate Award Recipients page.

Research Assistantships

During the course of their doctoral studies, Cultural Mediations students may also contribute as research assistants to funded research projects led and managed by individual faculty members.