The PhD in Cultural Mediations recognizes that recently graduated doctoral candidates seek positions within:

  • academic interdisciplinary departments
  • departments of
    • literature
    • communications
    • film
    • music
    • art history
    • cultural and governmental agencies outside the university.

These positions require a training of increasing the intellectual and cultural scope, one which moves beyond traditional disciplinary and cultural frameworks even while it includes them.

Increasingly, traditional, single-discipline departments are seeking appointees with:

  • interdisciplinary (or multidisciplinary) abilities
  • cross-cultural literacies.

This shift reflects a growing awareness that traditional ways of organizing knowledge are shifting.

The central objective of the program is thus to provide students with this combination of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural intellectual breadth along with disciplinary training and competence.

Notice for Applicants to the PhD in Cultural Mediations:  All application documents are submitted online.  You can refer to the FGPA Admissions page for the most up to date information. Please contact our Department Administrator  with any additional questions.

Externally funded opportunity for 2021 applicants in the Cultural Mediations PhD program:

The Trans Mediascapes team is seeking an incoming PhD student to lead front end development and analysis for the Transgender Media Portal.

For all information regarding this funded opportunity please refer to the Transgender Media Lab posting:

Watch this video to learn more about our program.