• Deadline:  The application deadline for fall 2024 is February 1, with limited funded positions available.
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For an appointment with our graduate supervisor: email us at culturalmediations@carleton.ca


The program: 
• Take a look at some of our current seminars in 2023-2024.
• Read a featured article on the Ruth and Mark Phillips Professorship in Cultural Mediations.
• Meet our peer graduate mentors and mentoring alumni.
• Look into our concurrent Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies.
Ongoing doctoral research: 
• Find out about recently defended dissertations and previous doctoral projects.
• Find out about graduate students’ achievements and awards.
• Get acquainted with our current students’ profiles.
• Browse our graduate virtual bookshelf  for details of publications, exhibitions and creative work.
Faculty highlights:
• Learn about ongoing faculty research.
• Go over the faculty-led research centres our students are involved with.
• Discover the Canada Research Chairs associated with ICSLAC over the years.
Cultural Mediations alumni
• Find about the career and life trajectories of our alumni.

The PhD in Cultural Mediations was created to foster theoretically informed approaches to art and culture that cross traditional disciplinary divides. Cultural Mediations students are trained in both interdisciplinary methodologies and a particular discipline in order to nurture both innovation and mastery of a field of study. Selecting from four areas of specialization — Literary Studies, Musical Culture, Technology and Culture, and Visual Culture — they have the freedom to blend courses and pursue research projects that call for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective and might not otherwise find a home.

This unique program addresses a growing need as traditional ways of organizing knowledge are shifting. More and more, single-discipline departments as well as cultural and governmental agencies are seeking appointees with inter- or multidisciplinary abilities and cross-cultural literacies. These positions require a training with an increased intellectual and cultural scope. In is in this context, that the PhD in Cultural Mediations provides an opportunity for innovative doctoral research that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The program finds its home in the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture, known as ICSLAC. The Institute is a haven for intellectually rebellious researchers, with access to an accomplished and eclectic academic community. We provide a collegial, vibrant and creative environment, where research transcends conventional boundaries and where inter-disciplinary ideas and new dimensions of thought open up.

Program requirements
Admission (note that all application documents are submitted online. You can refer to the FGPA Admissions page for the most up to date information.)
• For any further information, please email us (culturalmediations@carleton.ca) and we will gladly reach out to you to discuss our program, your needs and interests.

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