The metropolitan area of Ottawa-Hull has a population of more than one million. The Carleton University campus is located at the junctions of the Rideau River, Dow’s lake and the historic Rideau Canal. The campus is conveniently close to major off-campus research facilities and downtown Ottawa.

The city is compact and easy to negotiate using public transportation. There is an extensive network of bicycle paths. Many winter commuters use the maintained five kilometre ice surface of the Rideau Canal to skate from home to campus. Temperatures range from the low 30s Celsius in the summer to below zero in winter. Autumn and spring temperatures are a moderate 16 to 20 degrees.

Ottawa is filled with parks and recreational facilities.  It is located near the Gatineau Hills, favoured by residents for hiking and skiing, as well as being on the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers, which have water sport facilities. As a capital city and a cosmopolitan centre located on the Ontario/Quebec border, Ottawa boasts an ethnically diverse and bilingual population. Daily newspapers, in French and English, are published locally.

For information about Carleton University graduate students’ residence accommodation, please contact the

Department of Housing and Conference Services
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa Ontario Canada K1S 5B6
Tel: 613 520-5612
Fax: 613 520-3952

Because the majority of students live off-campus (many within walking distance), the Department of Housing and Conference Services also offers an Off -campus Housing Service.

For more tips on living on your own, and other essential information, please consult the CARLETON SURVIVAL guidebook.