The faculty for the doctoral program in Cultural Mediations comprises members of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science who have an intellectual background in at least one established discipline but whose research, publications and teaching are interdisciplinary in the sense that they have obvious expertise in cultural theory and/or competences across traditional disciplinary boundaries. These are the members of faculty who will be called upon to offer instruction, set and grade comprehensive examinations, supervise dissertations and serve on dissertation committees.

Chancellor’s Professor
John Shepherd (ICSLAC/Music and Sociology)
Sarah Casteel (ICSLAC/English) Barbara Leckie (ICSLAC/English)
Kamari Clarke (ICSLAC/BGINS) Franny Nudelman (ICSLAC/English)
David Dean (ICSLAC/History) Ruth Phillips (ICSLAC/Art History)
William Echard (ICSLAC/Music) Carmen Robertson (ICSLAC/Art History/Can Studies)
Brian Foss (ICSLAC/Art History) Paul Théberge (ICSLAC/Music)
Gunnar Iversen (ICSLAC/Film Studies) Ming Tiampo (ICSLAC/Art History)
Karim Karim (ICSLAC/Communication/Journalism) Ellen Waterman (ICSLAC/Music)
Paul Keen (ICSLAC/English)
Associate Professors
Sébastien Côté (ICSLAC/French) Philip Kaisary (ICSLAC/Law/English)
Christine Duff (ICSLAC/French) Catherine Khordoc (ICSLAC/French)
Stephen Fai (ICSLAC/Architecture) Daniel McNeil (ICSLAC/History/Sociology and Anthropology)
Mitchell Frank (ICSLAC/Art History) Jodie Medd (ICSLAC/English)
Marc Furstenau (ICSLAC/Film Studies) Carol Payne (ICSLAC/Art History)
Pascal Gin (ICSLAC/French) Carolyn Ramzy (ICSLAC/Music/African Studies)
Brian Greenspan (ICSLAC/English) Jaffer Sheyholislami (ICSLAC/ALDS)
Malini Guha (ICSLAC/Film Studies) Jesse Stewart (ICSLAC/Music)
Laura Horak (ICSLAC/Film Studies/PJWGS) Zoe Todd (ICSLAC/Anthropology)
Peter Hodgins (ICSLAC/SICS) Ira Wagman (ICSLAC/Communication Studies)
Birgit Hopfener (ICSLAC/Art History) Michael Windover (ICSLAC/Art History)
Assistant Professors
Aubrey Anable (ICSLAC/Film Studies) Aboubakar Sanogo (ICSLAC/Film Studies/African Studies)
Jerzy Elzanowski (ICSLAC/SICS) Rebecca Schein (ICSLAC/IIS/Sociology & Anthropology)
Monica Patterson (ICSLAC/IIS/Anthropology/History/African Studies) Candace Sobers (ICSLAC/BGINS/History/African Studies)
Adjunct Professors
Thomas Everrett William Straw
Distinguished Research Professor Adjunct Research Professor
Christopher Faulkner (ICSLAC/Film Studies)  Barbara Gabriel  (ICSLAC)
M.A. Giella Zuzana Pick (ICSLAC/Film Studies)
R.L Jackson R. Polzin
José Jurado P. Roster
Mark Salber Philips (ICLSAC/History) A.T Tolley