The Unlearning Temporality Graduate Workshop builds on the theme “The temporal diversity of our time, pluralizing and unlearning the modern Western temporal regime,” developed by Professor Birgit Hopfener in the context of the Ruth and Mark Phillips Professorship in Cultural Mediations (ICSLAC, Carleton University).

What are multiple concepts of time, plural and entangled temporal structures and regimes that constitute the present and our contemporary conceptual frameworks of knowing, being, creating art and cultural artifacts, and relating to each other and the world?

This interdisciplinary workshop takes the above question as the starting point to render visible, critique, and “unlearn” (G. Spivak) the universalized modern Western temporal framework. It seeks to facilitate a collaborative learning space to contemplate the cultural and historical multiplicity of temporalities that constitute the present through critical engagements with works of visual art, film, music, literature, etc.

The event takes place Thursday, April 14th, 9:00 AM-2:15 PM EST, by Zoom. To attend, please join the call by using the following link:

Panel One:

La Fin du Monde Filmée par l’Ange N.-D, color lithographs by Fernand Léger and text by Blaise Cendrars,” Hannah Gadbois, doctoral student (Art History), University of Illinois at Chicago

“Looking Back to the Future in the Presence of — Temporalities in the Engagement with Photography in Exemplary Works by Yuki Kihara,” Nadja Tamara Siemer (MA), research assistant for Visual Culture, University of Bremen, Germany

“Performing Time in Brazilian photographic montages around 1900,” Alina Hofmann, PhD candidate (Art History), the University of Bonn, Germany

Panel Two:

“Disrupting Colonial Chronology: Nonlinear Time at the Museum,” Julia Alting, PhD candidate, University of Groningen

“The Myth of the Early Modern Mediterranean Clash – Narratives of European Supremacy in Historical Fiction,” Paul Csillag (MA), universities of Innsbruck, Jean- Jaurès (Toulouse), and Yeditepe (Istanbul)

“Intermedial Reception of Latin American Textile Techniques as an Artistic Strategy within Postcolonial Discourses and Global Processes,” Franciska Nowel Camino, PhD Candidate and Research Associate (Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory), Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

Panel Three:

“Temporal Manipulation in Popular Narrative Film: Vertical Integration and Phenomenological Feminism in Flashdance,” Roxane Hearn, PhD candidate, Wilfrid Laurier University

“Deleuze From Halfway Down: The Animated Time-Image in Bojack Horseman,Tamar Hanstke, M.A. student (Cinema and Media Studies), University of British Columbia.

Panel Four:

“Bernhard Leitner’s Space-Time-Sculptures,” Dr. Nikolaus Kratzer, scientific assistant at the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, University for Continuing Education, Krems

“Pathoplasty as departure point to explore alternatives to standardised approaches in contemporary Western mental-health care,” Phoebe Eustance, PhD student and artist-researcher based in London

“Progress Report on the First-stage of Development for a Sociological Alternate Reality Game (ARG): Memoranda,” Sarah Sharp, PhD student, Carleton University