Cultural Mediations Graduates and Theses


2024, Anna Paluch, From Turtle Island to Vistula’s Shores: Indigenous North American and Eastern European Futurisms in Dialogue
Supervisor: Dr. Allan Ryan, Dr. Philip Kaisary


2023, Jessica Marino, Holocaust Memory, Aesthetics and the Dictatorships of the Southern Cone of Latin America: Interconnecting Memories and Traumas
Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Phillips Casteel

2023, Gemey Kelly, Place and Standing in Canadian Art: Jack Humphrey and the Discourses of Regionalism, 1930–1967
Supervisor: Dr. Brian Foss

2023, Marie-Catherine Allard,  Reshaping Memory: Counter-narratives in Kindertransport Literature
Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Phillips Casteel

2023, Victoria Nolte, One Place and Another: Worldmaking in Asian Canadian Contemporary Art
Supervisors: Dr. Ming Tiampo, Dr. Sarah Phillips Casteel


2022, Pansee Abou ElAtta, Unruly Appreciations: How contestation shapes the value of Pharaonic thing (Senate Medal for Outstanding Achievement)
Supervisors: Dr. Monica PattersonDr. Ming Tiampo

2022, Amy Bruce, Resistivity in Contemporary Art Biennials: A Synchronic Analysis
Supervisors: Dr. Ming Tiampo, Dr. Birgit Hopfener 

2022, Patricia Bérubé, Towards a More Inclusive Museum: Developing Multi-Sensory Approaches to the Visual Arts for Visually Impaired Audiences 
Supervisors: Dr. Jesse Stewart, Dr. Lois Frankel

2022, Lale Eskicioğlu, Beyond Postcolonialism: Urban and Social Realist Turn in Indian and Nigerian Literatures
Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Phillips Casteel

2022, Nicola Oddy, Seeking Awareness of Our Selves and the Environment through Vocal Improvisation in The Singing Field  
Supervisor: Dr. Jesse Stewart

2022, Christina Williamson, Sewing in Arviat: Inuit Women’s Work Through Stories and Parkas
Supervisors: Dr. Michel Hogue, Dr. Ruth Phillips


2021, Hicham Gourgem, Beyond Afropolitanism: Representations of African Identities in Select 21st Century African Novels
Supervisor: Dr. Nduka Otiono

2021, Emily (Emma) Lind, The White Settler Colonial Landscape of Toronto’s Wychwood Park
Supervisor: Dr. Peter Hodgins


2020, Trina Cooper-Bolam, Claiming the Terrible Gift – A Post-TRC Investigation in Praxiological Museology, recipient of a Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Phillips

2020, Konstantinos (Dino) Koutras, Screening Politics: The Egalitarian Film Theory of Jacques Rancière, nominated for a Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Supervisor: Dr. Marc Furstenau

2020, Matthew Purvis, John Boyle, Greg Curnoe and Joyce Wieland: Erotic Art and English Canadian Nationalism, recipient of a Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Supervisor: Dr. Brian Foss


2019, Jenna Stidwill, “Beyond Mickey Mouse History”: The Disney Archive and the Construction of Animation History as Discipline, 1928-2018
Supervisor: Dr. Brian Greenspan


2018, Rachel Chantal Beausoleil-Morrison, A Nation Sings Itself: São Paulo Voices and the Canons of Brazilian Song
Supervisors: Dr. Sonya Lipsett-Rivera, Dr. Lori Burns

2018, Joana de Medeiros Mota PimentelTranscultrual Bodies: A Comparative Approach to Dissident ‘Minor’ Women’s Writings in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Khordoc

2018, Matthew Rushton, Photographs in Two Works of Life Writing: L’Afrique fantôme by Michel Leiris and L’Africain by J.-M.G Le Clézio
Supervisor: Dr. Sébastien Côté

2018, Sarah Thorne, The Shape of Games to Come: Critical Digital Storytelling in the Era of Communicative Capitalism
Supervisor: Dr. Brian Greenspan


2017, Pamela M. Barber, A Dialogue among Genres during the Late Eighteenth Century: Conjectural History and Travellers’ Textual and Visual Representations of Cultures of the Near East and India 
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Salber Phillips

2017, Johnny El-Alam, Making or Breaking Nations. Traveling Memory in Contemporary Art and Photography: History, Commemoration, Nostalgia, and Humanitarian Interventions
Supervisors: Dr. Barbara Gabriel, Dr. Catherine Khordoc

2017, Pauline Goutain, Art Brut’s Material Mythologies (1945-1976): Dimensions, Materials and Creative Processes
Supervisors: Dr. Fabrice Flahutez, Dr. Jill Carrick


2016, Michael Robert Audette-Longo, Shine a Light: Surveying Locality, Independence, and Digitization in Ottawa’s Independent Rock Scene
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge

2016, Mihaela Irina, The Spell of Live Performance: HD Opera and Liveness Today
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge

2016, Mohsen Nasrin, The Intensity of Recollection-Images in Suspicious River and The Law of Enclosures
Supervisor: Dr. André Loiselle


2015, Todd Hokins, Virtual Graffiti: Dyscribing Humans
Supervisors: Dr. Jill Carrick, Dr. Carlos Novas 

2015, Anna Khimasia, At Play in the Archive: Reading Sophie Calle’s Double Game as Autofictional Remains
Supervisors: Dr. Chris Faulkner, Dr. Ming Tiampo

2015, Owen Lyons, An Inverted Reflection: Representations of Finance and Speculation in Weimar Cinema
Supervisors: Dr. Barbara Gabriel, Dr. Mitchell Frank


2014, Thomas Michael Everrett, Ears Wide Shut: Headphones and Moral Design
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge


2013, Jessica Laine Aldred, From Synthespian to Convergence Character: Reframing the Digital Human in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Langer

2013, Bianca Otilia Briciu, Negotiating Power: Gender and Body Politics in the New Wave Japanese Cinema
Supervisor: Dr. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

2013, Matthew Croombs, An Opposition in Search of Itself: Modern French Cinema and the Algerian War
Supervisors: Dr. Chris Faulkner, Dr. Marc Furstenau

2013, Annette Windsor de Stecher, Engaged Histories: Wendat Women’s Souvenir Arts of Cultural Preservation and Entrepreneurial Invention
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Phillips

2013, Heather Lynette Igloliorte, Nunatsiavummi Sananguagusigisimajangit / Nunatsiavut Art History: Continuity, Resilience, and Transformation in Inuit Art
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Phillips

2013, Stacey Anna-Marie Loyer, Belonging and Belongings: Ethnographic Collecting and Indigenous Agency at the Six Nations of the Grand River
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Phillips

2013, Daniel James Sheridan, Wagner and “Grand” Opera: Performing the Nation Through Embodied Sonorous Spectacle
Supervisor: Dr. James Deaville


2012, Kyle Ross Devine, Imperfect Sound Forever: Loudness, Listening, Formations, and the Historiography of Sound Reproduction
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge

2012, Paul Jasen, Bass: a myth-science of the sonic body,
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge

2012, Danielle Annette M. Wiley, House as a City: Re-contructing Vancouver’s urban imaginary in master-planned neighbourhoods, South False Creek (1976-1986) and Concord Pacific Place (1990-2000)
Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Fai 


2011, Robert Edward Evans, A Bird’s-Eye View of Modernity: The Synoptic View in Nineteenth-Century Cityscapes
Supervisor: Dr. Mitchell Frank

2011, Sylvie Jasen, Reenactment as Event in Contemporary Cinema
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Faulkner

2011, Murray John Davis Leeder, Early Cinema and the Supernatural
Supervisor: Dr. Charles O’Brien

2011, Jeremy Melvin Maron, Unbridgeable Barriers: The Holocaust in Canadian Cinema
Supervisor: Dr. André Loiselle

2011, eldritch Michael Priest, Boring Formless Nonsense (or, On the Aesthetics of Failure in Recent Experimental Composition)
Supervisor: Dr. Geraldine Finn

2011, Stephen J. Rifkin, André Bazin’s “Ontology of the Photographic Image”: Representation, Desire, and Presence
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Faulkner, Dr. Mark Salber Phillips

2011, Benjamin Andrew Wright, Sound from Start to Finish: Professional Style and Practice in Modern Hollywood Sound Production
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge


2010, Christopher Eaket, Theatre-Outside-of-Theatres”: Spaces of Digital Performance
Supervisor: Dr. Brian Greenspan

2010, María Victoria Guglietti, Imagining Drumbytes and Logging in Powwows: A History of Community Imagination in Canadian-Based Aboriginal New Media Art
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Théberge

2010, Alex Wetmore, Touching Fiction: Embodied Narrative Self-Reflexivity and Eighteenth-Century British Sentimental Novels
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Keen, Dr. Mark Salber Phillips


2009, David W. Lafferty, Wyndham Lewis’s Kulturkampf
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Faulkner

2009, Julia Margaret Pine, An “Anecdotic Self-Portrait”: Strategies of Disclosure in The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Gabriel

2009, Marc Raymond, Martin Scorsese and Film Culture: Radically Contextualizing the Contemporary Auteur
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Langer

2009, Robert Sean Winger, John Thompson, Phyllis Webb, and the Roots of the Free-Verse Ghazal in Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Hogg, Dr. Brenda Carr-Vellino


2008, Janne Cleveland, Getting in the Car to Weirdsville: Taking a Trip with Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes
Supervisor: Dr. Jodie Medd